• Quality Dubia Roaches

    Fed purely on the highest grade Organic Fresh food, Quality Chow and premium hydration.

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  • Dubia Roaches fully gut loaded

    All our Dubia roaches are fully gut loaded with quality food.

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  • Quality is everything...

    We feed our Dubia Roaches on the finest foods ensuring all the essential nutrients are passed to your reptile.

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Why Dubia Roaches are good for our reptiles

Why Buy Dubia Roaches?

Simply because:

  • Great feeder and hydrator for your reptiles
  • 1 Dubia the meat value is equivalent to 7 Crickets!
  • Higher in protein & calcium than most other insects
  • 61% Moisture, 36% Protein, 7% Fat
  • Dubies dont carry parasites such as pin worms
  • Low in indigestible chitin
  • Don't bite and can't harm your reptile like Crickets/Locusts
  • Easy to handle, Dont Smell
  • Cant Climb! So less likely to escape your vivarium
  • Make NO Noise! No outback of Austrailia Sounds :)
  • and ...Your reptile will love them



Dubia Roaches

How to buy our Dubies

At the moment all of our Dubies (Dubia Roaches) are for sale on eBay and also via the quick payment links below...

Our small roaches are up to 8mm GUARANTEED!.
If you are not sure of the sizes, take a ruler and check to see actually how big 8mm is.
The tub will be a mixture of sizes so PLEASE, when buying roaches sold up to 8mm, don't expect them ALL to be 8mm.
If you require Larger roaches please purchase Medium.

Contact Us if you require further information

About Dubies

Quality Dubia Roaches or “Dubies” as we like to call them are fed and hydrated on the most finest food and filtered water.
They get a varied diet of Roach Chow and carefully selected organic matter with high quality Multi-vitamins & minerals.

Our roaches are fed on the finest Organic Fruit and Veg and premium hydration to ensure they get the best quality nutrition which sustains their growth but also transfer this to our most loved reptiles.

We keep them in the upmost immaculate of environments to ensure optimum health within in the colony. We love (heart) our roaches and take great care and attention to these little guys.

My beardie Fraggle and Paradigm both love our “Dubies” roaches and he can’t get enough of them.

Dubia roaches are a great protein source. A great alternative to crickets as they are more nutritional PLUS they do not jump, dont smell and they are silent!

Dubies have a longer intestinal tract than crickets that slows digestion and makes gut loading more effective.

A medium sized species of cockroach, Dubia Roaches are easy to handle, very nutritious and easy to digest. A great source of Protein and far more nutritional than Crickets!

Dubia make a great feeder insect and have become a very popular feeder. This is mainly because of their shell to meat ratio. They are 36% protein while Crickets are only 18.5%.

It would take about 7 crickets to compare to 1 dubia.

They have a softer shell that makes it easier to digest. It is always good to feed these roaches 24 hours before feeding them to your pets, doing this will give your pets a good amount of protein.

Roaches overall are a better feeder insect than most of the other insects for your pets.

Fraggle - Founder of Dubies


Fraggle - Founder of Dubies


Contact Dubies by email we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry on:
Email: yummy@dubies.co.uk

Why buy your Dubias Roaches from Dubies

Quality Dubia Roaches

Fed on Premium Organic Food

Clean Gut Loaded Roaches

100% Reptile Satisfaction

Quality Guaranteed

Care for your Dubies


Orders will be sent out 1st class recorded from Monday - Thursday.

Anything purchased after Thursday 10am will be posted the following Monday.
This is to stop the possibility of the Roaches being left at the sorting office over the weekend
Unfortunately at this moment in time we do not post outside the UK or PO Box's

Don’t forget live food can be affected by cold weather.

Care for your Dubies on arrival

Upon reciept of your delivery. Please ensure you feed and hydrate your Dubies by providing some food and water. They are fully gut loaded and you want to ensure they still get the best nutrition which will be passed onto your reptile.


As with all live food, it is essential they are kept healthy. Packed in bran, ensure the cockroaches are kept at a regular temperature of approximately 70 - 75F (21 - 24C) and away from bright light. To encourage the maximum shelf-life, empty into a smooth-sided container with a vented lid. Add a slice of apple or potato to provide moisture. Proper supplementation should be given prior to feeding to your reptile.

Happy Clients

Please see our testimonials section below...

Fantastic Dubia Roaches, would definitely recommend. All arrived safely and alive!
Arrived the next day and my Bearded Dragon loves them.
I am so pleased I found your site. I usually buy from a pet store but they are top quality.
Very well packaged and came super fast. Thanks a lot :)

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